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Finding cheap flights can be a daunting task, and nowadays, it’s a roll of the dice to determine if you got the best deal. One day later, and you could have saved $500 on your tickets… or spent $500 more. Airlines don’t make it easy, but there are ways to find flights for a steal. My blogging pal Jay Ho from Holiday Unicorn, a site that specializes in travel deals, shares a few tips for getting the best deals on flights through one of my favorite sites: Skyscanner.

How to find cheap flights on Skyscanner

During my 2 years living in London, I used Skyscanner exclusively when searching for the next cheap holiday. Here are some tips and tricks that I picked up during this time.

PRO TIP: If you want to find cheap flights on Skyscanner then flexibility with your destination or your dates is key. If you are flexible with both then you’ll be in for major savings.

Scenario 1:

(Fixed Destination/ Flexible Dates)
Destination: Santorini, Greece
Dates: Flexible
In this scenario you would utilise the CHEAPEST MONTH FUNCTION.

How to find cheap flights on Skyscanner

On the Skyscanner website enter the city you are flying from and the place you want to go, then click the Depart box. This will bring up a tab that includes a Whole Month search option. Click on this. Then Select Cheapest Month

Two calendars will appear. The Depart calendar shows every day in the month that you chose. The Return calendar shows every day in that month too.

How to find cheap flights on Skyscanner

The prices for each day are coloured in green, orange or red. The green prices are the lowest prices. The orange indicates mid range prices, and the red prices show the most expensive days in the month. *Don’t even bother clicking on the red.*

How to find cheap flights on Skyscanner

Click on the Chart tab above the calendars to see the cheapest and most expensive days. Here you can see that April 14th is the cheapest and April 1st is the most expensive.
When you are happy you can click on the green Get Prices button and a list of flights and airlines appear. Personally, I like to right click and open new tabs with the dates that I choose. This way I can open multiple tabs and compare the prices of different dates.

Scenario 2:

(Flexible Destination/ Fixed Dates)
Dates: Jan 1 – Jan 4
Destination: Flexible
In this scenario you will be utilising the EVERYWHERE destination search function.

How to find cheap flights on Skyscanner

Set your destination to “Everywhere”, departure to Jan 01, 2018 and return to Jan 04, 2018. Click on the green Search flights box. You will be re-directed to a page that lists the cheapest countries to visit in ascending order.

How to find cheap flights on Skyscanner

We can see here that Ireland is the cheapest is Ireland. Click on the blue down arrow to open up the flight deals within Ireland.

Skyscanner shows that Dublin is the cheapest so we can click the green “from 30 quid” box to see the flights.

How to find cheap flights on Skyscanner

The cheapest flight turns out to be even less than predicted at a measly £27!

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something useful to save big on your next trip.

Travel more, be extraordinary

Jay Ho

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