How to Make Buche de Noel: Christmas Around the World — France

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History of the Bûche de Noël It’s hard to think of Christmas desserts without immediately thinking of the show-stopping Bûche de Noël or Yule log cake. This traditional French Christmas cake is made from a rolled Génoise sponge cake brushed with a sweet syrup, and filled with a fluffy filling. It’s then covered with chocolate buttercream and chocolate shavings to resemble…

Best desserts in Bangkok

A Sweet-Tooth’s Guide to the Best Desserts in Bangkok

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In a city of over 13 million people, there’s always someone with a sweet-tooth to satisfy, which means there are sweets of every variety to be found across the city at all hours of the day or night. The colorful plethora of desserts fill the streets and markets, taking hold of the senses and filling the belly. Having been to…

The Italian Drinking Chocolate Worth Traveling For + A Recipe | Sweet + Savor www.sweetandsavor.com

Recipe: Italian Butter Cookies

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Though no trip to the Amalfi Coast would be complete without Italian Drinking Chocolate, the accompanying Italian butter cookies will leave you craving them long after you bid “ciao” to the magical coast. I loved them so much, it was only right to give them their very own post. Italian Butter Cookies The famous Pasticceria Andrea Pansa  in Amalfi, Italy is a dessert-lover’s…

The Italian Drinking Chocolate Worth Traveling For + A Recipe | Sweet + Savor www.sweetandsavor.com

The Italian Drinking Chocolate Worth Traveling For
+ A Recipe

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The best Italian drinking chocolate in the world can be found in Amalfi, Italy. Wait, drinking chocolate? Don’t you mean hot chocolate?… Nope. Drinking chocolate is the rich, decadent and more sophisticated cousin of hot chocolate, and once you try it, you won’t ever go back to regular hot chocolate again. The main difference between the two is hot chocolate comes…

Christmas Desserts Around The World | Sweet + Savor www.sweetandsavor.com

25 Christmas Desserts Around The World

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  Christmas desserts are a time-honored tradition us bakers live for this time of year. Family recipes passed down from generation to generation, dating back to a great-great Grandmother’s kitchen back in Germany or simply unique favorites seen on tables across the globe. Every culture has its own take on Christmas baking traditions— and I love trying them all. Here…

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Caramel Chai Chocolate Mousse

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CARAMEL CHAI CHOCOLATE MOUSSE I love when I can bring a little sweetness and my travels together. In celebration of Goetze’s Caramel Creams’ 100th Anniversary (wow!) and the arrival of fall, I partnered with them to create a stellar recipe with a little global flair (my specialty). An easy to make caramel chai chocolate mousse, made with one of my…

Pastel de Nata Portuguese Egg Tarts

Pastel de Nata Portuguese Egg Tarts

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Pastel de Nata Portuguese Egg Tarts: Where to Find Them & How to Make Them Although I have yet to visit beautiful Portugal, I have always been smitten with it. The beautiful coastal towns tucked into hillsides, cobblestone streets, and colorfully hand painted tiles that grace the façade of many houses… And of course the food; with one of the…

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Michigan Blueberry Fennel Sorbet

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Oh summer, where have you gone? As hard as I try to hold on to the sacred hot, sunny days in Michigan, they always seem to pass in the blink of an eye. Anyone else feel the same where you live? I’m trying my darnedest to celebrate this short season along with the wonderful blueberry harvests we get in my…

Easter Desserts Around The World

Easter Around The World in 13 Desserts

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  Take a trip around the world to celebrate Easter in 13 desserts. A recipe round-up featuring Easter desserts from Europe, South America, and beyond. 1.  Choreg Easter Bread – Armenia An Armenian sweet yeast roll traditionally served as a part of dessert at most Armenian holiday celebrations. From White Coat Pink Apron   2.  Sweet Cheese Pudding ‘Paskha’ – Russia…

8 must-try Disney desserts at Epcot's World Showcase

8 Must-Try Disney Desserts in Epcot’s World Showcase

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It’s no secret that Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL is dubbed the “Happiest place on Earth.” However, that could also be due to the fact everyone is on a sugar-high while they’re there (I’m only half joking). It’s nearly impossible to walk more than 5 feet without bumping into some other delicious treat. And me, being me, decided that…