I want to share some fun news… I’m entering an art competition!

ArtPrize is an international art competition that takes place in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, and this year, after 10 years of it happening, I finally decided to enter! My ArtPrize piece is a set of 4 photographs entitled về nhà (a homecoming), that were taken while on a trip with my husband to his home country of Vietnam.

ArtPrize is a highly anticipated event, bringing over 500,000 people to downtown Grand Rapids to partake in the wonderment. I’m excited to be able to share my travels and craft with the art world!

Artprize 2018 - Hanoi, Vietnam www.sweetandsavor.com

Hanoi, Vietnam

Artprize 2018 - Hoi An, Vietnam www.sweetandsavor.com

Hoi An, Vietnam

Artprize 2018 - Nha Trang, Vietnam www.sweetandsavor.com

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Artprize 2018 - Saigon, Vietnam www.sweetandsavor.com

Saigon, Vietnam

About the Piece

As a world traveler, I have visited 15 countries and counting, and by far SE Asia has stolen my heart. Experiencing other cultures not only opens your mind, but it opens your soul, helping you realize that maybe we all aren’t that different after all. The smiling people, dazzling temples, and intoxicating smells of street food stole my heart and left me wanting more. One of my favorite travel moments is visiting Vietnam with my husband. It was a homecoming of sorts for him, and it was a special time for me as well as I saw the country through his eyes. We spent our time wandering the streets in search of delicious delights following our noses along the way and taking in everyday life in Saigon, Hanoi, Nha Trang and Hoi An. This is a series of photos that captures the beauty of those moments.

If you’re going to be in Grand Rapids, be sure to check out my photographs on display now through October 7 at The BOB. And while you’re at it, vote 67355 when Artprize voting begins on Sept 19!


Thanks for your support!

xoxo – Jessica

Artprize 2018 - Vietnam www.sweetandsavor.com