8 must-try Disney desserts at Epcot's World Showcase

It’s no secret that Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL is dubbed the “Happiest place on Earth.” However, that could also be due to the fact everyone is on a sugar-high while they’re there (I’m only half joking). It’s nearly impossible to walk more than 5 feet without bumping into some other delicious treat. And me, being me, decided that I must try all. the. Disney desserts. Which is no easy task. But all in the name of research right? Of the hundreds of amazing treats available at Disney World, I managed to narrow down the field to 8 Must-Try Disney Desserts in Epcot’s World Showcase.

Epcot is a foodie’s paradise, and is perhaps the only place on Earth that you can travel to 11 countries in one day at its World Showcase. It’s the perfect place to spend the day hopping the globe without ever leaving the states. Since I have a major sweet tooth, we focused on desserts with each “country” offering a vast selection of delectables that embody the spirit of the destination. With so many selections available, we’re counting down the 8 Must-Try Disney Desserts in Epcot’s World Showcase!


First stop on the Disney Dessert tour was Norway, the homeland of Frozen’s Elsa and Anna. The fabulous Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe has an incredible array of Norwegian treats on the menu, which made it so difficult to choose only one item; so we tried two! We landed on School Bread and the cream filled Troll Horn.

#1 School Bread

School Bread (Skolebrød) is a classic Norwegian snack reminiscent of a donut consisting of a sweet bread roll filled with vanilla custard topped with icing and toasted coconut. It was usually put in kids school lunches or sold at bake sales, hence the name.

#2 Troll Horn

Another guest favorite is the Troll Horn, but don’t worry, you won’t need to encounter any trolls for this one! It’s a classic cone made of pastry coated with coarse sugar that adds a little crunch, and filled with a slightly sweetened cream.

School Bread and Troll Horn

School Bread at Epcot’s Norway


As we made our way around the world, next we made a stop in the mother country of my family, Germany! Having seen Germany in person a few years ago, stepping into the Disney version took me right back.

The can’t-miss stop for sweets in Germany is Karamell-Küche. The delicious aroma of caramel, popcorn and sugar will hit you long before you arrive. It’s easy to find if you just follow your nose! The specialty at this candy kitchen is all things caramel. Caramel corn, caramel apples, caramel cookies — and salted caramel cupcakes. With so many lovely decadent treats, it’s impossible to leave here empty-handed. 

#3 Salted Caramel Cupcake

Which brings us to #3. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a slight obsession with cupcakes, and Disney World has no shortage of them! There was no way I could leave without trying one. Since caramel is the thing at Karamell-Küches, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the salted caramel cupcake. Let me tell you, this thing is hefty, perfect for sharing . It’s made up a dense dark chocolate cake, thick caramel buttercream icing, and perfectly drizzled with salted caramel. You’ll be in chocolate heaven with this Disney dessert.

8 must-try Disney desserts at Epcot's World Showcase

The salted caramel cupcake at the Germany Pavilion


Perhaps one of the most charming of the countries in Epcot’s Wold Showcase is Italy. I felt like I could spend all afternoon there, strolling around the cobbled street noshing on gelato and cannolis.

#4 Cannoli

When you first arrive in “Italy” don’t walk past the unassuming gelato stand to the left of the main arched structure. This is the spot where you will find the most heavenly cannolis. And I mean it. It was perhaps one of the best cannolis I have ever eaten (my mouth is literally watering as I write this). It has a perfect contrast of crispy shell, dipped in chocolate no less (because chocolate makes everything better) and smooth creamy filling dotted with chocolate chips. It’s definitely one of my favorite Disney desserts! Additionally they have a cannoli cupcake that is supposed to be out of this world as well.



#5 Funnel Cake

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with the American classic theme park treat, the funnel cake. And the funnel cake stand at the American Adventure pavilion serves up quite the variety. You can settle for the plain with a slather of ice cream, or be a little adventurous and try the cookies and cream, or the seasonal selection, which was the orange cream (pictured) when I visited.



Blood orange sake mist at Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

#6 Sake Mist

This Disney dessert is for the 21 and up crowd and (although they do have an alcohol-free version as well) available at the Kabuki Cafe. Think adult snow cone. It’s light, refreshing, and not too sugary like the syrupy snow cones I grew up with. Available in three flavors, blood orange, coconut pineapple, and blackberry, it’s a cool treat for that hot Florida weather.



The Morocco Pavilion is awe-inspiring and transports you straight to the streets of Marrakesh or the set of Aladdin. Intricate tile work, ornate patterns, and mysterious pathways greet you as you wander into a new world. The scents of grilled meats, exotic spices, and fresh baked pitas tickle your nose when entering Tangierine Café. Tucked in the back corner area you will find a coffee and pastry counter filled with delectable Middle-Eastern gems. They offer 3-4 varieties of baklava, as well as semolina cookies, and almond pastries, and other house specialties.

#7 Chocolate Honey Baklava

Since chocolate is kind of my thing, I went with the chocolate honey baklava. This version is rolled as opposed to the traditional triangle with a sweet filling of chopped nuts tossed in a honey-syrup mix all wrapped up in a crispy phyllo crust. Although the flavor was very good, it was a bit skimpy on the chocolate for my taste.



If you’re looking for the best desserts in Epcot, and perhaps all of Disney World, head straight to the France pavilion! The desserts at Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie (in French fashion) are absolutely stunning, but be prepared for a bit a chaos with a little French attitude thrown in, as this place is busy, and for good reason. The massive cases are lined with perfect pastries, desserts, breads, and dozens of other delicious treasures I was too full to try (le sigh).

The dessert case at Epcot’s France

#8 Napoleon

Wowza, could anything be more perfect?! The Napoleon (one of the trademark dessert of Le Halles) is a decadent, but not overwhelming layering of puff pastry and vanilla pastry cream topped with a vanilla and chocolate swirled icing glaze. *Almost* too pretty to eat.



What are some of your favorite Disney desserts?


8 must-try Disney desserts at Epcot's World Showcase